SOG SEAL XR Serrated USA Made folding knife

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The SOG SEAL XR Serrated folding knife, made in the USA, represents a fusion of tactical strength and everyday utility. Inspired by the renowned SEAL series of knives, this folding knife brings the same level of toughness and reliability to a more compact and portable format.

Equipped with a high-quality serrated blade, the SEAL XR is designed to handle a variety of cutting tasks with ease. The serration on the blade adds a level of versatility, allowing it to saw through tougher materials that a standard blade might struggle with. The steel used in the blade ensures durability and a long-lasting sharp edge, crucial for both tactical and everyday applications.

In terms of design, the blade is shaped to meet the demands of SEAL operators, making it efficient for piercing, slicing, and withstanding rigorous use. The robust construction of the blade means it can endure the heavy-duty tasks often encountered in tactical environments without compromising on performance.

The handle of the SOG SEAL XR is crafted for ergonomic comfort and durability. Made from high-strength materials, it provides a secure and comfortable grip in various conditions – a vital aspect for ensuring safety and effectiveness in usage. This comfortable grip, combined with the knife's balanced weight, makes it suitable for prolonged use without causing hand fatigue.

A critical aspect of the SEAL XR is its reliable locking mechanism. This feature ensures that the blade remains firmly in place when in use, preventing accidental closure that could lead to injury. For a tactical folding knife, the stability of the blade is paramount, and the SEAL XR's locking system provides confidence in its safe operation.
While the SEAL XR is ideally suited for tactical use, its design also caters to everyday carry. The knife's versatility makes it an excellent choice for routine daily tasks, making it a favored tool for those who appreciate a reliable and effective knife for everyday scenarios.

Designed with portability in mind, the SEAL XR is neither too large nor too heavy, striking the right balance between size and functional capability. This balance makes it an ideal knife to carry, whether for outdoor adventures, tactical missions, or daily use.

The construction of the SEAL XR emphasizes durability, ensuring that the knife can withstand frequent use over time. To maintain its condition and performance, regular maintenance such as cleaning and sharpening is recommended. The serrated edge, in particular, may require special care during sharpening to preserve its unique cutting ability.

In summary, the SOG SEAL XR Serrated folding knife is a versatile, durable, and reliable tool, well-suited for a range of tasks from the demanding environments of tactical operations to the everyday needs of general use. Its combination of a robust serrated blade, ergonomic handle, and secure locking mechanism makes it a standout choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, multi-purpose folding knife.
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SOG SEAL XR Serrated USA Made folding knife

  • Brand:SOG
    Blade material:CPM S35VN
    Blade style:Clip point
    Blade grind:Flat
    Blade coating / finish:Cerakote
    Opening mechanism:Flipper
    Overall length:234 mm
    Blade length:99 mm
    Length folded::234 mm
    Weight::232 g
    Country of origin:USA
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SOG SEAL XR Serrated USA Made folding knife