Нож TOPS Tracker Digger knife TBTDIG

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TOPS Tracker Digger knife TBTDIG

10.5" overall. 4.75" black traction coated double edge 1095HC steel blade. Black linen micarta handle. Full, extended tang. Glass breaker. Lanyard hole. Black nylon MOLLE compatible belt sheath.

Sometimes having something the size of a knife that can do just that instead of a large shovel or flimsy garden tool, is just what is needed.

The Tracker Digger has a wide, thick blade for heft and strength. The handle is large enough to fit any hand comfortably, and it comes in a nylon sheath with a large front pouch for micro-survival kits, a sharpening system, or whatever else the user can dream up. From harvesting wild edibles in the forest, to making fire pits, to digging roots out of your garden, this knife is as versatile as the Tracker it was based on. It will be found in many camp kits, bug out bags, and tool sheds.

Теги: TOPS knives
  • Марка:TOPS
    Сталь:1095 Carbon steel
    Покрытие / отделка клинка:Traction Coating
    Длина общая:267 мм
    Длина клинка:121 мм
    Толщина клинка:6 мм
    Вес:510 г
    Страна изготовления:USA
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Нож TOPS Tracker Digger knife TBTDIG