Бренд «Darrel Ralph Knives»


Darrel Ralph is an accomplished custom knife maker who makes some of the most exclusive and sought-after designs in the knife industry. Darrel Ralph's knives combine both high-tech and artistic styling. Each knife has excellent design but it is also fully functional. The knife will fit in your hand perfectly regardless of size with incredible balance and fit. Darrel is an extremely versatile maker, doing his own engraving, carving, goldsmithing, jewelry design and production. Darrel makes all kinds of knives including investment grade, high-tech folders with unique mechanisms, fancy art fighters and daggers. A Darrel's design is an absolute gem for any knife collection.

К сожалению из-за возникших сложностей с оплатой и доставкой, в магазине Salvos временно невозможно оформить заказы с доставкой в Россию.