Нож выживания TOPS Silent Hero 02 Smooth Handle, HERO02

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Артикул: TPHERO02
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TOPS Silent Hero 02 Smooth Handle survival knife HERO02

11.25" overall. 6.375" black River Wash finish 1095HC steel drop point blade. Black linen micarta handle. Stainless guard. Lanyard hole. Full tang. Black leather belt sheath.

The Silent Hero was designed by Anton Du Plessis, who is the Chief of Operations for the Specialized Interdiction Unit of the Silent Heroes Foundation. His task is to combat the poaching crisis in South Africa. This knife has to be durable, versatile, and able to fill Anton's needs in the field, which affected the design of the blade and the handle. It will definitely hold up to hard use. And with a weight of not over 400gr, you'll be able to use the knife without getting fatigued too quickly.

There is a lanyard hole in the handle along with another in the finger guard. This is meant to allow the user to add a safety cord in order to improve the grip on the handle, which already allows for a solid grip. The finger-guard hole can also be used to assist in lashing to a spear when the situation warrants it.

There is a finger choil up into the blade to give you the ability to choke up and execute precise, fine cuts. The drop point design makes this knife great for slicing and gives the tip extra strength. So this knife will be a great knife for bushcraft, survival, and tactical purposes.

The black leather sheath is durable and looks great paired with this knife. The Silent Hero is held in place with a single snap loop that curls around the finger guard.

The Silent Hero is a great design and a very versatile blade. It is large enough that it can be used to chop, but is also still small enough to complete most of the tasks you can do or want to do with a smaller knife.

http://www.thesilentheroes.org/ The Silent Heroes Fondation aids veterinarians, physicians, and rangers in Africa who are fighting to protect the wild nature

Теги: TOPS knives
  • Марка:TOPS
    Сталь:1095 Carbon steel
    Длина общая:286 мм
    Длина клинка:162 мм
    Толщина клинка:5 мм
    Вес:340 г
    Страна изготовления:USA
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Нож выживания TOPS Silent Hero 02 Smooth Handle, HERO02