Складной нож Spyderco Chaparral Raffir Noble C152RNP

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The Spyderco Chaparral takes its name from a shrub native to the western United States that has the unique ability to survive forever and revive year after year, even after drought or fire. In keeping with this tradition, Spyderco's unique Chaparral series is expanded each year with a model with a new handle. Striking, rare handle materials and texture patterns are used.

The Gentleman folder has a completely flat ground blade made of powder metallurgical Carpenter steel CTS XHP. The handles of this version are made of Raffir Noble, which is manufactured in Denmark. The material consists of smoke-coloured, semitransparent acrylic resin, which is interspersed with copper and brass pieces. This creates a unique three-dimensional effect that gives the knife an incomparable look and makes each knife unique. The strong Backlock and the convertible deep-carry clip (tip-up/l-r) make it an extraordinary and useful companion.

  • Марка:Spyderco
    Дизайнер:Raffir Noble
    Сечение клинка:Full Flat
    Покрытие / отделка клинка:Satin
    Фиксация клинка:Backlock
    Механизм открытия:Отверстие
    Рукоять:Acrylic Resin
    Длина общая:163 мм
    Длина клинка:71 мм
    Толщина клинка:2 мм
    Вес:65 г
    Страна изготовления:Taiwan
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Складной нож Spyderco Chaparral Raffir Noble C152RNP
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