Складной нож MKM Knives Fara folding knife santos MKMY01S

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MKM Knives Fara santos MKMY01S
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Артикул: MKMY01S
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The MKM Fara is a modern slipjoint, designed by Lucas Burnley. The Fara offers you an elegant combination between classic features such as the familiar slipjoint, but is, at the same time, complemented by a top-quality finish and sleek, modern lines.

Designer Burnley gave the blade a clippoint-like shape. On the presentation side the blade has been enhanced with a large groove that offers you enough traction to neatly open the knife with two hands. MKM chose Böhler M390 steel for this knife. This is a type of steel that retains its sharpness well and is incredibly wear-resistant. It is also very stainless. One of the most popular choices at the moment. When opened a slipjoint will neatly keep it open. And yet you can still easily close it: it only offers resistance, not a lock. As such you can legally carry it with you almost anywhere.

Теги: MKM Knives
  • Марка:MKM Knives
    Дизайнер:Lucas Burnley
    Профиль клинка:Clip point
    Фиксация клинка:Slip joint
    Механизм открытия:Ноготный
    Рукоять:Santos Wood
    Длина общая:180 мм
    Длина клинка:76 мм
    Толщина клинка:2.5 мм
    Вес:75 г
    Страна изготовления:Italy
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Складной нож MKM Knives Fara folding knife santos MKMY01S