Buck PakLite Field Master Kit 141SSSVP1

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Артикул: BU141SSSVP1
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Buck PakLite Field Master Kit 141SSSVP1

When weight counts - pack light, cut easy. This set contains the 141 PakLite Large Skinner, the 135 PakLite Caper and the 499 PakLite Guthook. Each knife is of a minimalist design but is surgically efficient. All three items are coated with traction coating and carried in one lightweight, durable sheath. For easy cleaning and de-scenting, the sheath itself is built with removable liners. Once these liners are removed the sheath is washable. Zipper pockets are included in the sheath for carrying tags and other necessary items. The back of the sheath has an adjustable belt strap, so carrying this pack is easy and comfortable. With this kit, hunters everywhere will appreciate the convenience of having three knives on them for the weight of one!

Теги: Buck knives
  • Марка:Buck
    Покрытие / отделка клинка:Satin
    Рукоять:Stainless Steel
    Страна изготовления:USA
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Buck PakLite Field Master Kit 141SSSVP1