Cold Steel AD-15 Black folding knife 58SQBKBK

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The Cold Steel AD-15 Black 58SQBKBK is a folding knife that has earned high regard for its robust construction, innovative features, and exceptional versatility. Part of Cold Steel's premium range, this knife distinguishes itself with a unique blend of functionality and performance.

Featuring a blade made from premium steel, the AD-15 Black is known for its exceptional durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to retain a sharp edge. The design of the blade is practical and efficient, making it well-suited for a wide range of tasks, from everyday cutting to more demanding outdoor and tactical applications.

The handle of the AD-15 is constructed from materials such as G10 or aluminum, ensuring both durability and comfort. The ergonomic design provides a secure and comfortable grip, essential for prolonged use. The black color of the handle not only adds to the knife's aesthetic appeal but also gives it a sleek, tactical look.
In terms of size, the AD-15 Black is designed to be both portable and functional. The blade length offers a balance between usability and compactness, making the knife convenient for carry while still capable of handling a variety of tasks effectively.

One of the key features of the AD-15 is Cold Steel's unique locking mechanism. This innovative system significantly enhances the knife's safety and reliability, ensuring that the blade remains securely in place during use. This feature is particularly important in a folding knife, where the stability of the blade is crucial during demanding tasks.

Built to endure, the AD-15 is characterized by its solid construction, designed to withstand rigorous and long-term use. Its robust build makes it a reliable choice for both everyday carry and more challenging outdoor or tactical situations.

Maintaining the AD-15 Black requires regular care, including cleaning, sharpening, and oiling. Proper maintenance is essential to preserve the knife's functionality and longevity, especially considering the high-quality materials and intricate design of the locking mechanism.

In summary, the Cold Steel AD-15 Black 58SQBKBK stands out as a premium folding knife, ideal for a wide range of applications. Its combination of a high-quality blade, innovative locking system, and durable construction makes it a favored tool among knife enthusiasts and professionals. Whether it's used for daily tasks, outdoor adventures, or tactical operations, the AD-15 Black is a reliable and versatile choice that meets the diverse needs and challenges of various environments.
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Cold Steel AD-15 Black folding knife 58SQBKBK

5" (12.7cm) closed. 3.5" (8.89cm) black finish AUS-10A stainless blade. Black Griv-Ex handle. Thumb stud. Lanyard hole. Pocket clip.

Tags: Cold Steel
  • Brand:Cold Steel
    Blade material:CPM S35VN
    Blade style:Drop point
    Opening mechanism:Stud, both sided
    Overall length:220 mm
    Blade length:95 mm
    Length folded::130 mm
    Weight::188 g
    Country of origin:Taiwan
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Cold Steel AD-15 Black folding knife 58SQBKBK